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What is RFE?

RFE stands for "Request for Evidence." It's a process used by immigration authorities, particularly in the United States, when they need additional information or documentation to make a decision on an immigration application. When an RFE is issued, the applicant is asked to provide specific evidence or clarification on certain aspects of their application. This could include additional documentation about education, work experience, financial status, or any other aspect relevant to the visa or immigration category they are applying for.

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RFE Request for Evidence

What you should know about RFE's?

  • Submit RFE requests promptly, including all evidence together, for timely processing.
  • Usually, a decision is made after you provide evidence. Occasionally, you might receive another RFE in rare situations.
  • The key to responding to an RFE (request for evidence) is to provide the evidence requested in the RFE.
  • Applications are denied if responses are submitted late.
  • If the RFE is not answered, the application is considered abandoned.
Note: All documentation must be provided in English. If any documents are in a different language, you can utilize our translation services or translate them yourself prior to submission.

Our Process

Explore our meticulous process, designed to seamlessly guide you through academic evaluations, expert opinions, qualification letters, work experience assessments, business plans, and translations. Your success, our journey together.

Initial Consultation

Complete the online form with background details, academic goals, and service preferences. Get expert guidance on the most suitable service plan for your needs.

Document Collection

Choose your service plan, receive a document checklist, and submit necessary records for immediate processing.

Case Preparation

A dedicated expert will evaluate, research, and draft a detailed, tailored evaluation report. You will get a draft to review before the final report.

Final Delivery

Once you approve, the final report will be sent in PDF format. You can opt for mail delivery for an extra fee. Transparent communication ensures satisfaction throughout the process.

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Frequently asked question

A: An RFE, or Request for Evidence, is a notice issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) or other relevant government agencies when additional documentation or information is required to make a decision on an immigration petition or visa application.
A: An RFE is typically issued when the original petition or application lacks sufficient evidence to support approval. It prompts the applicant or petitioner to provide additional documentation or clarification to address the concerns raised by the reviewing agency.
A: It’s crucial to submit your response to the RFE promptly and include all requested evidence together. The decision on your application is often made based on the evidence you provide in response to the RFE. Failure to respond in a timely manner can result in denial or abandonment of your application.
A: If you fail to respond to the RFE within the specified timeframe, your application may be considered abandoned, and it could lead to denial. It’s essential to take the RFE seriously and provide the requested evidence to avoid adverse outcomes.
A: While it’s relatively rare, there are instances where you might receive another RFE after responding to the initial one. However, providing comprehensive and thorough evidence in your initial response can minimize the chances of receiving additional RFEs.
A: RFE Solutions offers expertise in preparing responses to RFEs, ensuring that you provide the necessary documentation and information to support your immigration petition or visa application. Our services aim to streamline the process, increase the likelihood of approval, and minimize the risk of delays or denials.
Document Evaluation ensures response completeness, relevance, and quality, identifying gaps and strategizing effective responses to RFEs, thereby maximizing approval chances in immigration processes.

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